InSite v3.13 now available

IMaGE is pleased to announce the latest releases of the InSite family of products. There are additional developments and feature enhancement across acquisition, processing, visualization and interpretation. The highlights in v3.13 include:


Visualization and Analysis using External Catalogue 

InSite has versatile visualization and analysis capabilities on internal results. In this new release, we extend those capabilities to external catalogue. Now you can import a third-party catalogue and visualize the beachball, T-k plot, DFN network and even perform MSDFN analysis on amplitude ratio. Error ellipsoid, if provided can be used for event collapsing and interpretation.

Three-dimensional pattern visualization using enhanced color density planes

In addition to Event Density and Cluster Index, event density plane can now display the 3D pattern of much more waveform attributes and source parameters from seismic moment, signal-to-noise ratio, to Fault plane orientations.

New Moveout view and short-cuts 

Separating X, Y, Z channels offers a better view for data processors.  We also added more programmable short-cuts to further improve the work efficiency.

All InSite products: InSite-HF v3.13, InSite-Geo v3.13, InSite-Lab v3.13, and InSite-Design v3.13 are available to clients under the annual maintenance program and can be obtained from the Releases page in the Client Area of the IMaGE website, where full release notes are available. The free version InSite-Viewer v3.13, and InSite-Demo v3.13 are available to download. Please visit our webpage here for more details.


We are continuously working to optimize and enhance functionalities and performance of InSite for all applications. Your feedback on the current tools and suggestions for future developments that would improve your processing is always welcome and appreciated. Please send your comments to consulting[at]itasca-image[dot]com.