InSite v3.11 now available

IMaGE is pleased to announce the latest releases of the InSite family of products. There are additional developments and feature enhancement across acquisition, processing, visualization and interpretation. The highlights in v3.11 include:


Dual version of InSite: 32-bit and 64-bit

The 64-bit version of InSite is here! Users of all InSite products including InSite-HF, InSite-Geo, InSite-Lab, and InSite-Design can access both 32-bit and 64-bit InSite. While the 32-bit InSite will continue functioning on old machines, the 64-bit InSite can make full use of high profile computer resources for data processing and visualization. Both versions are under continuous development and support. 

SEED/miniSEED data stream management

Added a new tool to split continuous SEED and miniSEED data streams into smaller time intervals for efficient harvesting/triggering.  This tool can also split full volume of SEED data into miniSEED data and dataless SEED. The dataless SEED can be used to correct the instrument response in data processing.


Data Visualisation

Added a new 2D chart to display the cumulative seismic moment with all other source parameters including moment magnitude.


Quality Control and Benchmarking

Added ray-tracing based synthetic seismogram for layered velocity model. The reflection, transmission, head wave and direct body wave arrivals are all displayed in the synthetic waveform to assist phase identification. The source radiation from a user defined fracture plane source is considered in the waveform amplitude. Synthetic waveform can be saved as separate events to benchmark a variety of processing algorithms. 


All InSite products: InSite-HF v3.11, InSite-Geo v3.11, InSite-Lab v3.11, and InSite-Design v3.11 are available to clients under the annual maintenance program and can be obtained from the relevant software page in the Client Area of the IMaGE website, where full release notes are also available. The free version InSite-Viewer v3.11, and InSite-Demo v3.11 are available to download. To download the demo click here.


We are continuously working to optimize and enhance functionalities and performance of InSite for all applications. Your feedback on the current tools and suggestions for future developments that would improve your processing is always welcome and appreciated. Please send your comments to consulting[at]itasca-image[dot]com.