IMaGE combines microseismic excellence with state-of-the-art geomechanical simulations to offer a new standard in rock engineering and hydraulic fracture stimulations for unconventional reservoirs. Through a rigorous integration of computer simulation and field observations, engineering designs can be improved and environmental risk can be reduced.  Our methodology is proven in well completions for oil & gas and geothermal reservoirs, nuclear waste disposal and laboratory-scale experiments. 

IMaGE works at all scales; from laboratory and acoustic emissions monitoring to regional seismic monitoring. Our globally recognized technical experts provide tailored microseismic project design, processing and interpretation services to meet your requirements, and unique geomechanical analyses to help you fully understand what the microseismic data really means.

  • Our products and services tailored to oil & gas allow our clients to extract the maximum benefit from their microseismic investment, optimize hydraulic fracture stimulations, reduce economic and environmental risk, and improve production from unconventional reservoirs.
  • IMaGE also specializes in providing microseismic monitoring of rock masses and concrete structures, particularly applied to geothermal energy, mining, radioactive waste storage, carbon dioxide storage, civil engineering and laboratory testing industries.
  • We can support you at every step, from sensor array design, through data acquisition, processing and interpretation to geomechanical simulation. 

As a part of Itasca, IMaGE can draw on the expertise of a company with offices in 15 countries and 35 years of experience providing software, consultancy and training services to clients within the geomechanics, hydrogeological and microseismic communities.