About Us

Itasca Image is a group of advertising and marketing professionals who are at your disposal to help you create a comprehensive business image. From web development, graphic design, audiovisual and digital marketing in social networks, we enhance your company to enhance its growth.

About our professional profiles

For several years we have been working in advertising and business marketing, not only in the province of Cordoba but also in Mexico,

We have always developed advertising and marketing for different companies with the desire to make them grow in their area, empowering them and separating them from their competition.

We clearly understand the rules that are played in these fields, that’s why we offer integral solutions in Advertising and MKT.

In Itasca Image we have a team of professionals from different areas such as:

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation and 3D design
  • Audiovisual production
  • Digital Marketing
  • Adwords advertising and CEO positioning
  • Graphical printing
  • All of them articulated under the same concept that is born from the deep planning of the need of each client for their advertising and marketing campaign.

Today, in the digital market, it is necessary to get online presence so that users can reach our website when making a search on those services or products that we offer.

In general, we can say that every online project goes through a graphic design work that will be accompanied by web development (and even app development in certain cases) plus an Online Marketing strategy that enhances our appearance in search engines.

Therefore, if you want to launch your project, online business or ecommerce, you must know that you need three main elements: graphic design, web development and Online Marketing. And within the Online Marketing strategy, you must gain presence in search engines such as Google, in addition to carrying out a Social Network Marketing strategy.

Itasca Image wanted to make things very easy for you. For this reason, it offers you services for updating web pages, accompanied by the dynamisation of social networks to boost the presence of your business on the Internet, as well as logistics, management and use of means that will allow you to improve the administration of your business.

Our goal is for you to reach your goals. That’s why we have the necessary equipment, tools and skills. Our methodology is based on:

  • An analysis of the situation of the company, both those from the traditional market and those that are framed in the digital environment.
  • A team of graphic design, web development and Online Marketing that master perfectly the computer systems, management software, office automation, social networks and, in general, all kinds of tools necessary to achieve online success.
  • An approach to the objectives, focused on achieving visibility on the Internet, both in search engines such as Google and social networks.
  • Taking advantage of all available resources to provide customized solutions with maximum efficiency.
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